180px-Burton_upon_Trent_-_Staffordshire_dot.png (39404 bytes) Burton-on-Trent and adjacent South Derbyshire are set in the heart of the National Forest in the very centre of England being the farthest point from the coast within the U.K. mainland.  The National Forest now contains over 7,800,000 trees, 700 miles of paths to explore and covers an area of over 200 square miles.

Traditionally Burton-on-Trent has been associated with the brewing industry for many generations and is internationally known as "The brewing capital of Great Britain" At one time one quarter of all beer sold in the U.K. was brewed in Burton-on-Trent where 37 breweries operated.  Brewing still occupies a great significance within the town at  Molson Coors, (formerly Bass, Worthington, Allied Breweries, Ind Coope etc),  Marstons, Burton Bridge, Black Hole, Tollgate and several other micro-breweries.

In South Derbyshire, renowned in the past for its coal mining, pipe making and pottery, there is now a more modern feel to the area with a major shopping centre, cinema, car plant (Toyota), coffee making (Nestle) and an artificial ski slope.  However the area is still packed with historic treasures such as Calke Abbey, Catton Hall, Elvaston Castle and Repton School, but is the sixth fastest growing district in the U.K.







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